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Recently one of our users contacted us about a member offering a good item for free. The person advertising looked for payment to be sent for delivery of the item. 

Fortunately we have not encountered this issue again. However, we would like to take this opportunity to remind our users to exercise common sense and caution.

If a member requests payment for an item or delivery, we would strongly advise against it.  

Commercial transactions is contrary to the ethos of the website and a zero tolerance approach is taken by the website administrators to such instances. 

We take active measures against deliberate occurrences. We will remove any such item, contact the member and explain our terms and conditions. If required we will delete the member’s account.  

Where matters require it, the IP address of a person who posts false or offensive posts is logged and may be provided to the Gardaí as part of an investigation to identify the source of the problem.

In general such instances on the website are few and far between and our environment is secure to allow for the reuse of items.  

If you encounter a situation like this please contact us at  

Alternatively you can report suspicious adverts by using the ‘Report Item’ function located at the top left hand side of each post.

Keep reusing,

The FreeTrade Ireland Team

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