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Our real time counter keeps track of the number of items reused through FreeTrade Ireland.

Funded Under The EPA National Waste Prevention Programme


What is Free Trade Ireland?

Free Trade Ireland is an innovative web-based service under development, which encourages and facilitates the reuse of household and business items.

The application is founded on a simple concept and one which has been operating successfully in Dublin since 2006. This national website build on the experience gained in Dublin and will expand the features of the service whilst ensuring it remains accessible to all. 


How does it work?

Free Trade Ireland is simple and easy to use. Users wishing to advertise an item are required to become a member of the site. Item details can be posted through a number of simple steps in a secure environment for the user.

Once uploaded, item posts will be available on the website for users to view. Anyone interested in any item will be free to contact the member using the details displayed. Users browsing the site will not need to become a member of the website.

It is important that users wishing to contact a member advertising an item adhere to any requests such as times when they may be contacted.

The service is free to use and all items advertised on the service must be offered for free.





Who will Free Trade Ireland benefit?

The reuse of items through the Free Trade service benefits the environment, climate change, the Local Authorities, but most of all the people who use the service. The application offers users a cost-effective way of managing unwanted items while protecting the environment. The service also has social benefits nurturing a spirit of goodwill in the community.

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