100,000 Items Reused through FreeTrade

After going live nationwide five years ago, the online reuse portal ‘FreeTrade Ireland’, has reached its 100,000th reused item. FreeTrade Ireland is an online portal where anyone can pass on and pick up pre-loved furniture, sports equipment, household items, hobby equipment and toys free of charge. People preferring an easy way to get rid of unwanted items clogging up the attic or cupboards can just post details on the website, sit back and wait. Those who want or need such items can then get in touch and arrange to collect them at a time that suits both parties. It’s a beneficial situation for everyone involved – and for the environment.

FreeTrade Ireland – how it started and why

FreeTrade Ireland began life as a Dublin-based project in 2006 through DublinWaste.ie and subsequently developed into a nationwide standalone platform in July 2010.

“The aim of FreeTrade Ireland.ie is to get people thinking about reuse rather than discarding something at the first sign of decline or disuse,” says ??? from FreeTrade Ireland.  “These days reuse and ‘upcycling’ are where it’s at; recycling has lost its lustre. Reasons for this include the recent recession and people’s reluctance to let go of their belongings, plus an upsurge in creativity and resourcefulness. In addition, recycling can prove more costly both for the pocket and the planet.”

FreeTrade Ireland, is part of the EPA’s National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP), which has been tasked with tackling the growing problem of our ‘throwaway’ culture, an epidemic that has spread throughout Ireland and beyond since the dawn of mass production. In adherence to the ‘Waste Hierarchy’, emphasis is now placed upon prevention, minimisation and reuse before recycling.
A major motivation for such projects has been the stricter waste laws introduced by the EU and the spiralling landfill costs that have ensued due to the EU Landfill Directive, which imposes restrictions on the landfilling of waste and has resulted in increased landfill levies.

Facts & Figures

The one hundred thousand items ‘FreeTraded’ so far equate to 1,752 tonnes of saved waste.

To put this into perspective that’s equivalent to 146 double decker buses or for the season that’s in it, that’s 544 Ireland Rugby World Cup Squads or 15,646 Paul O’ Connells.

  • To date 15,768 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) have been saved, which corresponds to planting 54,372 trees.
  • Members of the site have been growing steadily year-on-year since 2011, with 53,000 now signed up.
  • Items reused grew from 8,556 in 2011 to 18,221 in 2014.
  • There are an average of 12,000 hits on the website every week and approximately 3,000,000 pages viewed annually.

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