About freetradeireland.ie

freetradeireland.ie is a free online reuse service which allows its users to pass on unwanted items for free, from beds and furniture to electronic goods and garden equipment and more. 

The service is free to use and delivers real financial savings to all its users, as well as being good for the environment. 

After 4 successful years’ operating in Dublin, FreeTradeIreland.ie was launched nationally in July 2010.

Its aim is simple, to facilitate the reuse of household and business items throughout Ireland and in doing so promoting reuse and waste prevention.

Here are some of the direct effects of reusing through FreeTradeIreland.ie.

• Reduce your waste disposal costs by avoiding skip and bulky waste charges.

• Encourage the better use of household and business resources by extending the lifespan and value of items through reuse.

• Help protect your environment through the reuse of items and avoid throwing useful items in the bin

• Encourage a change in behaviour when it comes to the management of our waste in Ireland and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle for people in Ireland.

FreeTrade Ireland is a national reuse service funded under the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme and is championed by Mayo County Council.


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Funded Under The EPA National Waste Prevention Programme

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