Benefits of using FreeTrade Ireland

Benefiting the environment

Free Trade Ireland has been responsible for thousands of items changing hands, with hundreds of tonnes of items being passed on each year. Using Free Trade Ireland results in less waste that needs to be managed and less raw materials are used up.  

Without the service these materials may have been buried at landfills in Ireland, the least preferred option for waste.  Our global resources are finite and we all have a responsibility to make better use of  resources, items and materials and protecting our environment for our future generations.     

Benefiting our users

The user who has given something away has saved themselves the time, money and hassle of getting rid of the item all from the comfort of home. 

And the user taking away the item receives something new for free saving lots of money in the process!

It’s a win-win situation all round and helps to contribute to a greater sense of community and connection.

And theres more...

There is a Free Trade Ireland mobile App available which is completely free and available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

To keep informed and up to date with the service you can also join us on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

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Items reused on Free Trade

Our real time counter keeps track of the number of items reused through FreeTrade Ireland.

Funded Under The EPA National Waste Prevention Programme

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