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Q1. What is Free Trade Ireland?

Q2. How does it work?

Q3. How do I search for an item?

Q4. How do I register and get started?

Q5.How do I post an item notice?

Q6. How do I pass on items safely?

Q7. How do I set-up saved searches?

Q8. Who will Free Trade Ireland benefit?

Q9. Can I post items for sale?

Q10. Can animals or pets be posted on the site?

Q11. What can I do if I think an ad is inappropriate?

Q12. Does FreeTrade Ireland have a Privacy Policy?

Q13. Where can I view the FreeTrade user agreement?

Q14. How can I contact FreeTrade Ireland?

Q1. What is Free Trade Ireland? is a free online reuse service which allows its users to get rid of unwanted items for free, from toys and furniture to electronic goods and garden equipment and more.

Instead of paying the sometimes hefty charges to get rid of unwanted bulky items you can now post a free add through FreeTrade and someone can get something they were looking for free!

After 4 successful years’ operating in Dublin it was launched nationally in July 2010. Its main aim is to facilitate the reuse of household and business items throughout Ireland while promoting reuse and waste prevention.

Q2. How does it work?

The service allows you to post and advertise old, unused and unwanted items and materials on the website. If you have an item you no longer need then all you need to do is  register on the FreeTrade website which is quick, easy and free!

You can also select which account type you would like to create when registering; Home, Business, School and Towns.  These allow you to choose whether you would like to free trade your items personally at home, as a business or as a community group through schools and towns.

Once you have registered you can post your item for free on the site, items posted are available on the website for users to view. Users browsing the site do not need to become a member to do so. Anyone interested in any item can then contact the member using the details displayed to arrange a viewing or collection of the item.

No money changes hands and all items are absolutely free. The person who has given something away has saved themselves the time, money and hassle of getting rid of it all from the comfort of home and the person taking away the item gets a something new for free saving themselves money!

Q3.How do I search for an item?

 Finding the item you want on Free Trade Ireland couldn’t be easier.

• All you have to do is enter a keyword relating to what you are looking for into the ‘Item Search’ menu located in the top left hand corner of your screen

• Here you are also able to refine your search further by completing the boxes below this and entering more details such as category or location.

• It is important to include your location and the distance you are willing to travel to pick up an item.

• If you don’t have a particular item in mind then you can select “all” in particular fields which will generate a broad list of items.

• Whichever way you chose to search, a set of results will be returned along with a map featuring blue and green flags identifying items available and where they are located.  A red flag will be used to show your location. 

• To view an item in more detail click on the relevant flag in the map or the its link in the search results list. 

Q4. How do I register and get started?

Registering is quick, easy and free!

You can register as yourself, your business, your community or your school all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

• On the registration page select the type of account you would like to set up such as household or business.

• A registration form based on your account type will appear. Complete this form in all relevant sections (any section marked with an asterix (*) must be completed).

• Read through the Terms and Conditions and tick the relevant box.
• Click on the create account button to complete the registration process.

• An email with a link will be sent to your account to validate the registration process. All you need to do is click on the link to activate your account.

• You are now registered and your account is set up and can start posting items on FreeTrade!

• Remember to always keep your username and password safe.

Q5. How do I post an item notice?

The process of posting an item on Free Trade Ireland is simple.  

1. After you have logged in click on the “add an item” in your account dashboard.

2. Here you complete the section with details of the item(s) you wish to advertise.

3. Its important to add a few words describing  your item and the condition it is in.
4. You don’t have to upload a photo of your item, but it is recommended as it gives people a good idea of the item and its condition and will help it to move faster! 

5. If you have more than one item to upload, click on “add another item” to complete the same details for the next item.

6. Once all your item details are saved, go to the next step to complete the location details for your items. FreeTrade will automatically default to the location you provided when you registered.  This can easily be accepted or changed to a new location if your items are elsewhere.

7. Provide contact and collection details which you are comfortable with displaying.  FreeTrade Ireland will protect user email addresses from spam bots and similar bugs.

8. Save the information once everything is completed and the item(s) will be posted automatically to the website.

Q6. How do I pass on an item safely?

The FreeTrade Ireland management team advises users of the website to be sensible when passing on or picking up items from other members.

Members do not have to give an exact address for their home are business and can make arrangements to view or pick up an item on their terms with an interested party.  
Some tips for safe trading:

• It is important that users wishing to contact a member advertising an item adhere to any requests such as times when they may be contacted.

• If you are not comfortable with completing a trade at your home or place of work arrange to meet at a more suitable location. 

• If you are inviting someone into your home to view or take an item we recommend that you have another member of your family, a friend or house mate present at the time.

• Discuss the item with the interested party and their interest in the item in advance of meeting.  If necessary be selective as to who you arrange to meet to pass on the item to.

If you would like to discuss security issues in relation to trade contact the management team at

Q7. How do I set-up saved searches?

Items on Free Trade Ireland can be snapped up very quickly by users visiting the site.

This can be frustrating and disappointing for some users.  To avoid missing an item you really want, FreeTrade Ireland has a saved search feature which will send you an email or an rss feed alert notifying you immediately of an interesting item.

Registered users have the option to name and save particular searches in their user accounts for future use.

You can input specific selection criteria into the search engine for the particular item wanted. 

The search criteria can then be named and saved and you will informed of future posts matching your search criteria. 

Q8. Who will Free Trade Ireland benefit?

There are many benefits to reusing items through FreeTrade

• Users of the service benefit as they avoid the costs of disposing or purchasing new items.

• There are environmental benefits as the reuse of items contributes towards the reduction of emissions generated from the production of the new items and items being broken down during the recycling and landfill process.

• Extends the lifespan and value of items being reused through the service.

• Promotes a sense of community and encourages a change in the behaviour with regard to how we manage our waste.

• Helps you to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle for people in Ireland.

Q9. Can I post items for sale?

FreeTrade Ireland is a public initiative funded by Local Authorities in Ireland and it is free for everyone to join and use.
The ethos of the site is to encourage the reuse of items, protect the environment and promote community spirit and so it is not a service for commercial gain. 

Commercial posts selling or advertising items or services are not tolerated on the website under any circumstances. If a commercial post is posted on the website, the Free Trade Ireland team will take the following actions:

• The item post will be taken down immediately.

• The User’s account will be deleted.

• The User may also be permanently blocked from registering an account on FreeTrade Ireland. 

• Persistent abusers may also be reported to their internet service provider for internet misuse.

One of the main reasons for the success of the service is the loyalty and attitude of our users who embrace the ethos of the service, that’s why FreeTrade will always be FREE!!  

Q10. Can animals or pets be posted on the site?

FreeTrade Ireland implements a very strict policy in relation to adverts offering pets or animals. Any posts on the site where animals or pets are offered will be immediately removed and a warning email will be sent to the registered User.

Users who continue to post adverts of this kind on the website will have their accounts deleted.
If you have a pet or animal which needs to be re-homed, please contact the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( or else your local animal warden.

Q11. What can I do if I think an ad is inappropriate?

If you feel there are items on the website which may be inappropriate you can use our ‘report item’ tool which features at the top of every ad. When you click this button it will remove the ad from the website and we can then take a further look at it.

Q12. Does FreeTrade Ireland have a Privacy Policy?

Yes we do, read it in full here; Our Privacy Policy.


Q13. Where can I view the FreeTrade user agreement?

Read it in full here; Our User Agreement


Q14. How can I contact FreeTrade Ireland?

You can contact us on our online form here or by emailing us at


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