How to pass on items safely

The FreeTrade Ireland management team advises users of the website to be sensible when passing on or picking up items from other members.

Members do not have to give an exact address for their home are business and can make arrangements to view or pick up an item on their terms with an interested party. 

Some tips for safe trading:

  • If you are not comfortable with completing a trade at your home or place of work arrange to meet at a more suitable location. 

  • If you are inviting someone into your home to view or take an item we recommend that you have another member of your family or house mate present on the day.

  • Discuss the item with the interested party and their interest in the item in advance.  If necessary be selective as to who you arrange to meet to pass on the item to.

If you would like to discuss security issues in relation to trade contact the management team at

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