Winner - Southern Region

The last of our winners is Martin from the Southern Region.

Lorraine, Martin's wife, entered this beautiful Arbour seat on his behalf (he didn’t know it was being entered). He made it as a gift for her with bits and pieces that were lying around the garden and shed. 

The two old doors used to make the sides of the seat were from a friend who had replaced the doors. The roof is made from the slats of a broken up shed which belonged his brother-in-law. The back panel and seat are made from wood that's been in shed for nearly ten years. It was then varnished and painted with paint and varnish that have been in the shed. Even the cap seal on the roof is a piece of an old unused plastic pipe. 

It's an absolutely beautiful piece of work made entirely with bits and pieces lying around in the shed,  doors that would otherwise have ended up as waste and painted with leftover paint.

Again, while there was only one winner, the standard of entries across the Southern region was fantastic and we'll be showcasing the other entries because they show what can be done when you see something old or unwanted and make it into something new.

Winner - Eastern Midlands region

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the results in for the Eastern-Midlands Region and it was a tough competition!

Even after the scoring from the judges, there was little to separate multiple entries, so we sent the entries out to a bigger group of judges and ultimately, we ended up with not one winner but two joint winners who marginally shaded it over the other contenders.

As we said, there are 5 criteria that they were scored on and both ticked the boxes!

First up we have an umbrella bag! After yet another umbrella broke in the wind, rendering the umbrella useless in the rain, Kathleen decided against shoving it in the bin alongside all of the other umbrellas dumped there. It was taken home, the broken spines removed and the material turned into a reusable bag!



How cool is that? Most of the umbrella is reused, nothign new added but some thread and a highly functional, sustainable, reusable bag is the end result!

Our other joint winner, Robert, took some left over materials from the refurbishment of a bike. These are the pieces that would typically be left over and would be waste material as they might not be suitable for use on a renovated bike.

He took a sheet of metal used in car repair, turned it into a tube. The speaker was placed inside and the housing was held in place by disc brakes, taken from a bike repair, at either end. A broken wheel was taken and two sections cut off to make a stand.





All of these materials were going to waste after the repair of bicycles. The speaker had no home so they were all brought together to make a pair of funky speakers that would make an interesting talking point at any part!

While we ended up with joint winners, it's important to stress how difficult that was. The quality of the 50+ entries in the Eastern-Midlands region was so high, we ended up having to go through more stages of trying to find a winner than we had anticipated and it could easily have been multiple joint winners.

I want to congratulate everyone on their entries and we'll be in touch to ask everyone if they would mind if we showcased their entry on the site because I don't think people realise what they can do until they start to do it and you call could be an inspiration to many more people in being resource efficient and being creative!

Winner - Connacht Ulster Region

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first winner and it's for the Connacht-Ulster Region.

Our winner's name is Urs Harttung!

Urs sourced used carboard boxes from a local bike shop and some plywood waste from a building site and made these chairs:

He cut squares from the cardboard and from the ply wood. He glued the cardboard into a block with a plywood sheet each side. I cut the shape with a band saw and made these child-size chairs.

All entries were scored on level of reuse, innovation, functionality, finish and sustainability and it was a very, very hard competition to judge because of all of the time and effort that the entrants put in.

There may be an overall winner but we were blown away by the efforts and creativity that all entrants put into the competition. We hope to show all of the entries over the next few weeks to show the great things that people can make from used material.

It's been truly inspiring.

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